Sighisoara Town Hall

The Sighisoara town hall can be found within the medieval citadel. If you plan to take some photos of the town hall then you should know that its located close to the Clock Tower and even closer to the Monastery church. This building was built between 1887 and 1888, after some parts of the monastery were demolished. Inside the town hall, at the upper floor you can find a beautiful hall which was built in baroque style.

Sighisoara's town hall which can be found inside the medieval citadel
Sighisoara Town Hall

Red summer sunset

Do you remember the photo from this post: Sunset over the field? The photo from this post was captured on the same day as the photo mentioned in that link. As you can see in this photo, I saturated a little bit the colors because in my opinion, the sunset is looking much nicer. Another thing that I like in this sunset photo is that long cloud which cuts the sun in two, it makes this image look more interesting. 

A red sunset in Romania
Red sunset

Reflections in the water

In this post you can see another amazing sunset photo which was captured at lake Ruganesti. When I captured this photo, I wanted to photograph the reflection of the clouds and if you take a closer look at the photo, you can see the reflections of the clouds in the lake's water.

This lake is located in Transylvania and its very close to Ruganesti village. This sunset photo was captured right before the sun started slowly to set. If you wish to discover even more things about this lake, then I highly recommend you to check out this post: Sunset over lake Ruganesti.

Some clouds reflected by the lake's water
Reflection in the water

View from the dam

In the photo below, you can see the view from the Zetea lake dam. As you can see, the entire valley is surrounded by some larger forested hills. At the bottom of the dam, you can spot a white building which operates as a smaller power plant. This small power plant produces hydroelectricity.

A photo taken from the Zetea lake dam
View from Zetea dam

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